Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church has addressed and met the spiritual needs of its congregation for over sixty years.  A Word of God centered ministry, it is located in the heart of south Los Angeles, California.  Each week, worshipers are taught with explicit clarity, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, by a gifted pastor and teacher, Dr. Patrick D. Ross.  Our main mission is to share the love and light of Jesus Christ through our lives so that we can impact others.  

You are welcome to join us in our journey as we glorify the name of the Lord.


Greetings GNL Family and Friends
It's that time again ... so get out those walking shoes and let's meet out at the park for a worthy cause!

Community Children's Choir

As an extension of Vacation Bible School, we will provide a safe environment for children to learn and play under adult Christian guidance and supervision, while singing.

Women's Fellowship

All women 18 and above are invited and encouraged to attend the monthy Women's Fellowship. Pastor LaSharee' A. Knox Facilitator.