CD's Available for purchase

Reminder!!!!!  CD's of sermons and Bible Study lessons are available upon request.  A CD can be acquired for a $5 donation, which must be paid when an order is placed.  Please see Bro. Mason …Read More

Children and Youth Community Choir

Greater New Light M.B.C. has a childlren's and youth choir outreach ministry comprised of children and youth from our church and the surrounding communities.  Under the very capable leadership of Evangelist …Read More

Music Ministry

Have you thought of being a part of GNL's music ministry?  We are looking for willing and committed members to serve in various positions from singing in the choir to administrative, from  computers to …Read More

African American Heritage Month

On Sunday, February 24, 2019, we will honor African-American Heritage Month.  Everyone is encouraged to come and be a part of this celebration by signing-up to bring a dish or give a donation for a potluck after the …Read More

GNL Church Outing

GNL has been invited to be the guest of the Growing Valley Baptist Church of Lancaster for their 71st Church Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, March 24th at 3:30 p.m.  The music ministry will sing and Pastor …Read More


Our 5th Annual Susan G. Komen Walk a Thon is coming Satruday, April 27, 2019 and will take place at the Earvin Magic Johnson Park.  This fund-raiser will assist in continued breast cancer research and …Read More


Did you know that GNL recycles?  This is an additional way in which hyou can be a blessing to YOUR church.  Please remember to bring your recyclables (cans, bottles etc.) each week and leave them near the …Read More

Breakers Mantle Ministries

GNL will host the Breakers Mantle Minitries - Pentecost Saturday service on February 23, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  Come and experience Prayer, Preaching and Pardon through the Power of God.  

Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church has addressed and met the spiritual needs of its congregation for over sixty years.  A Word of God centered ministry, it is located in the heart of south Los Angeles, California.  Each week, 200 or more worshipers are taught with explicit clarity, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, by a gifted pastor and teacher, Dr. Patrick D. Ross.  Our main mission is to share the love and light of Jesus Christ through our lives so that we can impact others.  

You are welcome to join us in our journey as we glorify the name of the Lord.

Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church

1154 East 92nd Street
Los Angeles, CA   90002