2020 GNL Leaders and Staff


Ministerial Staff

Senior Pastor, Dr. Patrick D. Ross,
Associate Pastor, LaSharee' A. Knox
Associate Pastor, (Evangelism & Missions) Dr. Shari D. Scott
Minister, Vanity Brown
Minister, Anthony Graham Jr.  

Executive Board

Dr. Kenneth J. Mason , Interim Chairman/Trustee
Donald R. Charles, Trustee/Treasurer
Cynthia Fields, Trustee
Shirelle Dockery, Trustee
Romona D. McCardell, Trustee/Secretary
Debra F. Saul, Trustee/ Financial Secretary
Frankye G. Charles, Church Clerk
Toni Stephens, Trustee
Dr. Patrick D. Ross, CEO

Young Adult Ministry

Elder Anthony Graham Jr., Director

Deacon and Deaconess' Ministry

Donald R. Charles, Chairman
Lodis M. Jefferson, Vice Chair
Charles W. Footman, Secretary
Frankye G. (Jerri) Charles, Asst. Secretary

Christian Education Ministry

James Jefferson, Director
Assistant - New Members' Orientation
Assistant - Sunday School/Disciplineship Class
Assistant - Vacation Bible School

Music and Arts Ministry

Dr. Kenneth J. Mason, Ministry Director
Musicians, Choirs, Praise & Worship Team, Audio-Visual Technicians

Greeters, Ushers & First Aiders

Lois J. Brown, President
Romona D. McCardell, VP/Ways & Means

Hospitality Ministry

Cynthia D. Fields, Director
Food Preparer(s)
Food Server(s)

Outreach (Evangelism) & Community Services (Mission)

Dr. Shari D. Scott, Assoc. Pastor, Director


Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Elder Anthony Graham Jr., Director

Women's Fellowship

Michele R. Frazier, Facillitator

Men's Fellowship

James R. Jefferson, Facilitator

Pastoral Care Ministry

Andrea D. Mason, Chairperson

Website & Digital Services

Eric Mason,  Website Administration & Design